Are foolish little imps interfering with your life and irritating you? Now is the time to try a new product.

“Ghoul B. Gone”

The latest in paranormal pest control.

Kimberli has been speaking publicly at several events. The crowd reaction has been welcoming. If you live in the Ohio area look for her at the

Angels and Aliens conference Oct 11th and 12.

For a full list of events please go to:

Are you under Spiritual Attack?

Are you bothered by Ghosts? Ghouls? Goblins? Spirits?

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Personally developed by Dr. Kimberli, this mystic mist contains essences of special herbs, metals, and minerals, and a powerful blessing that will send that poltergeist packing. A four ounce bottle is enough “Ghoul B. Gone” to send legions of ghouls fleeing and clear your home from hauntings and ethereal entities.

This product is a room spray and should not be used on the body.

Ghost hunters who use Ghoul B. Gone have reported that they are getting better EVP's and photos, as well as calming of disturbing presences. And people who are using the product report not only a diminishing of disturbing ethereal entities, but also a calming in their loved ones and bosses!

If you are ready to THIN THE VEIL, call in your SPIRIT GUIDES, and calm the psychic terrain, get your own bottle of Ghoul B. Gone and see what it can do for you!

Do you have Ghouls?

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Look at the before and after aura photgraphy, what and amazing shift!

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Ghoul B. Gone